I have an upcoming trip outside of Canada, can I use Trip Cancellation now?

Yes, as long as you booked your trip before the March 13th Government of Canada global travel advisory you are eligible for Trip Cancellation coverage.

This advisory applies to all international locations, including the USA. We encourage our customers to check their travel insurance policy to see if Trip Cancellation benefits are included.

  • If you wish to delay cancelling a future trip, you are strongly encouraged to validate the payment schedule, cancellation penalties and terms with your travel supplier.
  • Please note that your policy will only cover amounts which were non-refundable and non-transferrable when the insurable event which caused the trip to be cancelled or interrupted occurred. For many people this would be March 13th when the global travel advisory was issued Additional payments made after this date as well as any increase in cancellation penalties will not be covered.
  • From the time a claim is opened, there are 90 days to provide all supporting documentation.

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