My return to Canada is delayed, do I need a coverage extension?

You may need to purchase a coverage extension in order for your benefits to continue until you are able to reasonably and safely return to Canada.

Your policy allows for an Automatic Extension of Coverage in some circumstances, and you should check your policy for specific details. This feature generally extends your coverage when:

  • Your common carrier (Air Canada, WestJet etc.) is delayed, or if your private vehicle breaks down or you have an accident on the way to your departure point, your coverage will be extended for up to an additional three days without additional charge. In this circumstance, if your flight is delayed for more than 3 days past the number of days allowed by your base plan or supplemental plan you MUST contact Johnson to arrange an extension.
  • You are hospitalized or medically unable to return on your scheduled date, and extends your coverage without additional charge for up to five days after the date you are medically stable to travel, up to a maximum of 365 days.

For other situations, a revised return date may require a policy extension.

To arrange supplementary coverage please call Johnson at 1.866.660.3362 Monday to Friday.

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