Will my travel insurance cover the additional expenses if I must quarantine at destination, or if I am refused boarding on a common carrier or refused entry to my destination or re-entry into my province or territory of residence due to a positive or late COVID-19 test result?

Your trip cancellation and interruption benefits will not cover these expenses. Please note that meals, accommodations and return transportation under emergency medical benefits are only available when required as a result of a medical emergency.

If you are refused boarding on a common carrier or entry to your destination or re-entry into your province or territory of residence, you may incur additional expenses for lodging and meals at your destination. You may also bear the cost of your flight and have to pay for a new flight at a later date. Check with the airline for their policy on refusal of boarding and what options are available.

It is also important to be sure that you still have travel medical coverage for a longer than intended trip. Contact your insurance provider to see what options may be available if your coverage ends before you can get home.

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