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Because of COVID-19, we are not allowed to travel outside Canada. Can I get a refund on my travel insurance premium?

This pandemic is unprecedented. Our travel insurance has already supported a record number of customers who had to cancel a future trip or whose trip was interrupted and needed help returning to Canada.

A partial refund or adjustment of premium may be available under extension or supplemental plans if travel was cut short and additional coverage was not required. Specifically:

  • You returned prior to your supplemental coverage starting, and do not need the coverage extensions or supplemental coverage that you previously purchased (refunds may be available for this portion of your premium)
  • You returned during your extended/supplemental coverage period and you have not/will not incur a claim (a partial refund may be given)

An annual plan covers multiple trips and can be paid over 12 months. For annual plans, a refund is only available for the Base Plan if the policy was in force for 60 days or less and no claims were made.

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