If I have complications due to the COVID-19 vaccine during my trip, will expenses related to the complications be covered?

If you receive the vaccine before your departure date, coverage is available if you don’t have symptoms or complications of an adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine before you leave your province or territory of residence. If you do show symptoms or complications prior to the departure date, your policy may not provide coverage for medical conditions and/or symptoms that existed before your trip. Read your policy to see how your coverage may be impacted.

If you receive the vaccine at destination, Emergency Medical Insurance benefits are available for a medical emergency arising from a COVID-19 vaccination. This does not apply to complications from other vaccines or other non-emergency treatment. Your coverage does not include expenses for the vaccination.

Please carefully review the details of the modifications to your policy for the current policy year, which can be downloaded, printed and saved by these links:

MEDOC Travel Insurance

Prestige Travel Insurance

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