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Home maintenance tips

You can take some simple steps to avoid damage and claims. Prevention is much easier than fixing an issue, so it's worth taking action to:

  • Get your furnace and heating system serviced regularly by a qualified servicer.
  • Make sure your sump pump and line are working properly (not blocked or leaking)
  • Keep your doors closing and locking securely, make sure they are easily accessed and open easily if needed; replace weather-stripping when needed
  • Make sure any doors from the house to the garage self-close completely
  • Cover outside of air conditioning units
  • Clean leaves from eavestroughs, roofs and downspouts and make sure water drains properly
  • Check chimneys for obstructions
  • Drain and store outside hoses; close the water supply and drain the exterior faucet each autumn
  • Store outdoor furniture, bbqs, etc. securely for winter

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