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What are the penalties if I don't have auto insurance?

It is illegal not to have insurance on a vehicle you're using on public roads in Canada. The penalty is usually a fine, but this varies from province to province.

As well as being illegal, not having insurance is a huge risk to your financial security and your future. You must pay for damages for which you are legally responsible. Without insurance, you could have to pay personally for losses and injuries - to yourself, your passengers, other drivers and their passengers, as well as pedestrians and cyclists. It could mean millions of dollars in costs. Not only could you lose your home and assets, you may also lose your future earnings.

When you buy car insurance, you get a Canada Inter-Provincial Motor Vehicle Liability Card ( your insurance "pink card"). It is honoured as proof of insurance anywhere in Canada. You should keep this with you at all times and produce it when a police officer requests it.

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